Activities For Luxury Senior Living

One of the many benefits of living at Marina Isle is the extensive list of activities that are available to our residents. Luxury living and resort-style accommodations help promote active living.

At Marina Isle, we want our residents to maintain a high quality of life and to be able to enjoy a wide range of activities depending on their interests and capabilities. We encourage social time with friends, family, and neighbors on a regular basis. There are always arts and crafts projects to be done, group games to partake in, such as bingo and board games, and we like to stimulate engaging conversations on current events.

Remaining active and engaged helps to promote rehabilitation and independence, which is important to your overall health and wellbeing. We offer three times more common area space compared to other assisted living facilities for our residents to enjoy. And, you can’t beat our waterfront views.

The daily activity calendar is maintained to guarantee each day will offer fun and exciting opportunities for our residents to either move about our facility or get outside and enjoy the fresh Florida air. We are ideally located near a two-mile riverwalk that offers breathtaking scenic views of Lake Monroe. However, if you prefer to stay close to home, we have a beautiful garden along with balconies and sunrooms where you can get the perfect view of boats and the marina at home.
To learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour, contact us now.