Welcome to Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living Facility! Our staff understands that an assisted living facility is so much more than a safe place to live and have your medical needs tended to. We offer a wide range of activities to keep our seniors active and engaged.

Our most notable activities include:

  • Day trips to Historic Downtown Sanford
  • On-site Theater
  • On-site Bistro
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gardening


One of the many benefits of living at Marina Isle is the extensive list of activities that are available to our residents. Luxury living and resort-style accommodations help promote active living.

At Marina Isle, we want our residents to maintain a high quality of life and to be able to enjoy a wide range of activities depending on their interests and capabilities. We encourage social time with friends, family, and neighbors on a regular basis. There are always arts and crafts projects to be done, group games to partake in, such as bingo and board games, and we like to stimulate engaging conversations on current events.

Remaining active and engaged helps to promote rehabilitation and independence, which is important to your overall health and well-being. We offer three times more common area space compared to other assisted living facilities for our residents to enjoy. And, you can’t beat our waterfront views.

The daily activity calendar is maintained to guarantee each day will offer fun and exciting opportunities for our residents to either move about our facility or get outside and enjoy the fresh Florida air. We are ideally located near a two-mile river-walk that offers breathtaking scenic views of Lake Monroe. However, if you prefer to stay close to home, we have a beautiful garden along with enclosed sunrooms where you can get the perfect view of boats and water activities at home.

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Spiritual Accommodations

To allow our residents to maintain their religious practices of choices or to discover a new spiritual calling, our assisted living offers religious services and visits from various local clergy members. The local community also features religious and spiritual gatherings in the local congregations. If you and your family have any specific religious or spiritual needs or requests, we are more than willing to accommodate and help plan an event for you and our other residents.

Physical Activities

In addition to physical therapy and our onsite rehabilitation gym, we offer a wide range of activities to keep our residents active. At Marina Isle, we believe that keeping active is the key to independence and optimal health. We offer group exercise for every level, games and dances that encourage movement, and social outings that require residents to get out of their rooms and explore the gorgeous waterfront property around them. Don’t worry, we do activities that cater to all abilities and mobility concerns, and you are always more than welcome to invite your family to join!

Social Activities

One of the biggest benefits of assisted living facilities is social engagement and opportunities to foster new relationships with fellow residents. Our activities director and staff enjoy adding social activities to the calendar that encourage interaction. Whether you enjoy playing bingo or a rousing game of gin rummy, we’ve got activities for all interests. If you don’t see something that piques your interest, we are always open to suggestions! We make every effort to plan social activities in the surrounding community as well as creating special events at our waterfront facility to keep life interesting for our residents. Check out our monthly calendar for the current social activities.


It is by no accident that our assisted living community is located on the waterfront of beautiful Sanford, Florida. The mild weather and quaint town offer the opportunity for regular outings. Our residents are always pleased to discover how close to downtown Sanford we are, which makes shopping and visiting local eateries incredibly easy. If there is an outing you’re interested in that isn’t on the calendar, let us know and we can see if we can coordinate it.

Space For Hobbies and Groups

If you have a particular hobby or interest that requires a little more room to participate in or you’d like to invite friends or family to gather, we have plenty of common areas that can be used for private activities. For instance, if you’d like to host your book club, simply let our activity’s director know and we can reserve some space for you, and perhaps you can find a new member in your fellow residents. If you have a special project, let our staff know and we can help support your hobbies and interests.

Visits From Local Groups

Our local Sanford community enjoys attending our activities and sharing their talents on-site. Local church groups, schools, choirs, and theater groups often stop by for visits as well as local crafters, pets, and volunteers. When a local group requests to put on a show or come and meet our residents, we are usually happy to entertain the request and bring some excitement to our facility. If you know of a group who may be interested in stopping by or hosting an activity, let our activities director know.

Special Events/ Holiday Gatherings

When you live at Marina Isles, you are home. It is a wonderful feeling when the entire facility — residents, their families, and staff — come together to celebrate holidays and festivities together. Working together with our residents, we host special events and holiday gatherings that include various traditions that make all feel welcome. We welcome your family traditions.

At Marina Isle, there is always something going on. All of our residents and their families are welcome to suggest ideas and attend as many or as few activities as they like. Contact us for this week’s events and activities!


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