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None of us like to get older. In fact, some of us spend the majority of our lives denying the fact and investing in anti-aging procedures to look younger. Still, the hands of time never start churning, and one day you’ll be considered old.

Marina Isle, a brand-new assisted living facility in Sanford, Florida, believes there is nothing wrong with being old. In fact, being older can entail some of the best years of your life. In our brand-new, waterfront senior living facility, we offer a variety of activities for you to still enjoy and do while enjoying a home-like atmosphere. Our caring staff makes three homemade meals a day and offers you medication management and transportation assistance through our individual care plan. In this blog post, we’ll go more in depth about what exactly is an assisted living center. Contact us today to learn more!


An assisted living facility is one where residents are offered help for their daily living needs. Typically for older Americans, assisted living centers offer care by others in a community environment, affording the residents the care they need in a safe and event-filled environment.

Assisted living facilities have become popular as an alternative to nursing homes. Nursing homes typically were for low-income residents, paid for mostly by Medicaid, and received a negative connotation as a place not much more than a glorified hospital, where residents were cared for in their rooms, rarely interacted with others, and rarely left the nursing home.

Assisted living is now the fastest-growing long-term care option for seniors. Its mission is to treat all seniors with compassion and dignity, giving them a home-like environment in a community-like atmosphere that encourages independence. While the level of care and amenities at assisted living communities varies, assisted living facilities thrive on interaction between residents, between family members who visit, and between the caregivers, ensuring residents have a great quality of life as they age.


Assisted living centers are generally for those age 50 and over who are mainly independent, but require some form of care, such as help with bathing, dressing, and remembering medication needs. They usually do not require on-going medical care; whereas, nursing homes are for those who require more care, especially medical.

At Marina Isle in Sanford, Florida, we offer individual care plans for all of our residents that can be adjusted as needed. This ensures you or your loved one is getting everything he or she needs from our staff on a daily basis. With our beautiful waterfront senior living community, you can rest assured that you or your loved one is not only getting the care he or she needs by also enjoying the lifestyle a waterfront assisted living community offers.


Marina Isle in Sanford prides itself on offering the best senior care options in our brand-new senior living community. We believe in helping seniors maintain as much independence as they can and by offering the best amenities and community activities, seniors will enjoy their retirement days here in sunny Florida. Contact us today to get started!


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