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Benefits of Pet Therapy

Most American households have pets. In fact, 68% of US households own a four-legged animal or one with fins or wings friend. Animals enrich our lives with their antics, their companionship, and in the very act of caring for another creature. However, as Americans age, their ability to care for an animal diminishes, making many older Americans extremely sad.

Marina Isle, a brand new senior living center in Sanford, Florida, understands how many seniors miss having a pet. As a solution, we offer pet therapy in our beautiful waterfront retirement community. Pet therapy offers many benefits for older Americans, which we’ll discover in this blog post below. Contact us today to get started!


Pet therapy is a newer practice in healthcare that involves the use of animals in healing, coping, or any other additional healthcare service need. Pet therapy helps people recover from a variety of healthcare procedures and conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and mental health issues. Pet centered activities involves primarily comfort and enjoyment for those in senior living centers, such as Marina Isle in Sanford.


  • Physical health benefits. Interacting with animals can be the highlight of some people’s day and brings an unrivaled joy that warms people’s hearts. In addition, many people experience reduced blood pressure, which results in overall improvement in cardiovascular health, as well as a release of endorphins, which not only makes you happier, but also can alleviate pain and reduce stress.
  • Emotional health benefits. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the soothing effect of petting a dog or cat, and when they look at you with those puppy-dog eyes or meow at you, your heart melts, and you may feel love inside. Pet therapy can make you happier, decrease your loneliness, reduce boredom and anxiety, and improve your overall outlook on life.
  • Promotes companionship. Pet therapy is a great reason for seniors in a senior living center to come together, socialize, and meet other residents. Becoming isolated as we age is a common problem for seniors — a problem which Marina Isle in Sanford ensures isn’t common. Have pet therapy in our beautiful common areas where our seniors can come together, enjoy animals, and interact with others is one of our main priorities at Marina Isle in Sanford.
  • No long-term commitments. Most pet owners won’t admit it, but pet ownership is a lot of work, from walking your dog, taking your pet to the vet, and feeding and watering them on a daily basis. Pet therapy is like having grandkids; you get to enjoy all of the benefits of pet ownership and then you get to have someone else do all the work.


Marina Isle is a brand new waterfront senior living center located in beautiful Florida. Just minutes from downtown Sanford, we offer a comprehensive senior living center along with the best lifestyle choices. From our many daily activities and pet therapy to our individual care plans, Marina Isle is a great senior living center you can feel at home. Contact us today to learn more!


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