1. Vaccines For Seniors

    Vaccines are an important part of protecting the community, particularly seniors, who are a vulnerable section of society. Vaccine schedules begin at birth and are focused on protecting the world’s population from deadly and disfiguring diseases that are easily spread from person to person. As you…Read More

  2. Signs it May Be Time to Consider a Senior Living Center

    In our last blog post, we discussed how to have the conversation with your parents about moving into a senior care center. But before that, how do you know when the time will come for such a conversation? Marina Isle is a brand new waterfront senior living center located in gorgeous Sanford, Florida…Read More

  3. Tips to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living

    The time has come to have the talk most children dread having with their aging parents — the talk about considering moving to an assisted living facility. For adult children, this is one area avoided. After all, you’re used to being the one cared for. But as your parents age, the roles are flipp…Read More

  4. Benefits of Pet Therapy

    Most American households have pets. In fact, 68% of US households own a four-legged animal or one with fins or wings friend. Animals enrich our lives with their antics, their companionship, and in the very act of caring for another creature. However, as Americans age, their ability to care for an an…Read More

  5. Assisted Living Explained

    None of us like to get older. In fact, some of us spend the majority of our lives denying the fact and investing in anti-aging procedures to look younger. Still, the hands of time never start churning, and one day you’ll be considered old. Marina Isle, a brand-new assisted living facility in Sanfo…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Assisted Living in Sanford

    Phenomenal dining, a thriving art community, exciting events, and lakefront views. These are the perks of living within minutes of downtown Sanford. Situated near beautiful Lake Monroe, historic Sanford, Florida has exceptional year-round weather and more amenities than you could possibly hope for. …Read More

  7. Welcome to Marina Isle Assisted Living Center

    Quaint, picturesque, enjoyable — these are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think about living in Sanford, Florida. These words also come to mind when you ask the residents of Marina Isle how they feel about our assisted living center. As a new care facility, we welcome residents…Read More