Marina Isle is perfectly positioned next to Lake Monroe for serene, waterfront views while also maintaining close proximity to vibrant downtown Sanford, Florida.

We are located just two blocks from the Sanford, Florida city center. Walking downtown is an optimal option for those who are able, but we also offer transportation for day trips around town. Whether you want to explore the city with one of your neighbors, or you have family visiting, nearby Sanford offers endless activities.

Sanford is never lacking in events or things to do. There is a year-round farmers market located in Magnolia Square on Saturdays. Numerous city parks can be found within town limits — providing the perfect place to find a shaded bench and enjoy the sites and sounds. The town of Sanford boasts a beautiful historic district with restaurants, shops, art galleries, and a preserved theater. There are also monthly street parties that allow you to get outside to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while also discovering new vendors from around town. The Sanford Riverwalk is also within minutes of Marina Isle, where you can find swinging benches, gazebos, the Sanford Museum, and peaceful views of the marina.

We encourage our residents to not only enjoy the amenities located within Marina Isle, but to also explore the picturesque city of Sanford.

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