JOB SUMMARY: The Director of Resident Care is responsible for promoting the health and wellbeing of each resident by providing accurate nursing assessments, giving appropriate input to the development of care plans, and educating staff on the appropriate and proper care of each resident. This position is also responsible for developing systems, procedures, and training programs that support governing state and federal regulations.



General Management


  1. Adhere to and implement operational and resident care policies and
  2. Order resident care supplies from approved vendors on a regular basis, maintaining inventory levels while staying within budgetary
  3. Oversee and ensure completion of state-required documentation and
  4. Complete and submit any required reports for Executive Director.
  5. Support Executive Director and Marketing Director with any events or programs to promote the community, i.e. Health
  6. Develop and support a system that allows for a constant flow of communication to the Executive Director regarding resident, family, or employee concerns, decline of resident condition, employee injuries, budget disparities, or any matters that potentially impact operations.
  7. Assume on-call responsibilities on a rotational basis and assign on-call responsibilities to other qualified
  8. Develop knowledge of community policies, procedures and state/federal regulations pertaining to resident
  9. Responsible for implementing periodic quality assurance
  10. Assist in monitoring employee’s on modified duty and actively participate in the community’s safety
  11. Carry out other duties as assigned by

Resident Health and Wellness


  1. Oversee the safety and wellbeing of the residents in accordance with the company’s philosophy and standards of care.
  2. Possess and maintain a strong knowledge of the community, its benefits, the services provided, healthcare services overall, the residents and
  3. Review and perform evaluations of resident health and functional care needs prior to move in to ensure that the community can meet the resident’s needs and regulatory requirements have been met.
  4. Review all resident information and complete an assessment of the resident prior to move-in, when changes in resident’s condition occur, and as required by company policy and state regulation.
  5. Develop and maintain an up-to-date individual service plan and participate in the service plan conference.
  6. Coordinate with other community health care professionals, health services the resident may need, i.e. home health, hospice, specialty physician services,
  7. Monitor status of resident’s health condition and initiate actions in response to changing needs.
  8. Perform selected clinical tasks that reflect an unusual or unique condition in a resident or that cannot be delegated, i.e. IM
  1. Assist in coordinating resident transfers, to or from a hospital or another health
  2. Ensure required paperwork for providing resident care is completed and up to date.
  3. Review daily any and all communication tools used in providing resident
  4. Establish a medication and treatment administration program. Monitor all medications and prescriptions. Update system as needed and educate medication aides on the program, frequently reviewing their ability to safely assist with self-administration of
  5. Develop systems to effectively and efficiently communicate residents’ needs with caregiver staff, family, physician, or agency involved in the resident’s care, for any resident change of condition, new or re-admit, or as
  6. Establish and maintain an open-door policy and a high level of ongoing communication with residents and families and for responding to concerns/grievances in a timely
  7. Conduct periodic audits of resident service plans, ADL logs, level of care fees, medication administration program, narcotics log, and caregiver delegation/assignments to assure accuracy and
  8. Participate, as invited, in resident council or resident council

Hiring, Supervising and Training


  1. Assist the Executive Director in hiring, training, evaluation, corrective action and scheduling of all caregiving personnel to ensure adequate, well-trained staff are available to meet the needs of the
  2. Assist in developing and maintaining a schedule for the caregiver staff that sufficiently meets the needs of residents and ensures proper
  3. Provide training for all caregiver and medication aide staff in accordance to company standards, policies, training programs, and state and federal
  4. Ensure all staff are provided on-going education on infection control guidelines and that standards of safe practice are
  5. Provide an “open door” to employees, addressing all grievances/concerns in a timely manner and promoting a harassment free work
  6. Administer performance evaluations and corrective action when
  7. Lead by example, encourage teamwork, promote the company’s mission and values, and provide ongoing coaching to employees.
  8. Motivate employees through recognition programs, training, and
  9. Assist in providing staffing coverage in the event of staff shortages or


  1. Genuine concern for and ability to work with the
  2. Knowledge of the basic scientific principles necessary to provide competent nursing
  3. Ability to assess human responses to actual or potential health
  4. Understanding of the normal dosage, action, and common side effects of the most commonly prescribed medications in senior
  5. Must be able to utilize standard precaution knowledge and infection control measures where required.
  6. Ability to utilize the principles of teaching and learning for both patient and staff
  7. Ability to delegate responsibility while maintaining oversight of daily activities and major projects.
  8. Ability to respond during off-duty hours to questions and emergencies as
  9. Intermediate computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, Outlook and Excel).
  10. Ability to manage and prioritize a large, complex
  11. Possess sufficient communication and language (orally and written) skills to perform job duties and communicate with residents, other staff, family members, etc., as
  12. Ability to make sound decisions when faced with ambiguous situations and to function effectively despite conflicting
  1. Ability to work with superiors and within the parameters of corporate policies and


Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing.


R.N. or L.P.N. license in the state of Florida.

Active CPR Certification and First Aide


At least three verifiable years in a managerial nursing position. At least two of these years must have been spent providing residential care to the elderly or equivalent experience.


In a typical eight-hour day, employee will:

  • Stand/walk frequently, punctuated by opportunities to
  • Sit frequently, up to 1-2 hours at a time, punctuated by varying intervals to
  • Constantly Frequent         Occasional                  Rarely Lift             ≤5#                    ≤10#                 ≥35#                      ≥50#

Carry         ≤5#                    ≤10#                 ≥20#                      ≥50#

Push/pull ≤5#                      ≤10#                 ≥35#                     ≥150# (resident wheelchair)

  • Occasionally kneel, bend, and reach while filing paperwork for items ≤10#.
  • Secure proper assistance for transferring and lifting of residents as needed (training required for this task)
  • Vision-must be able to read clearly with or without corrective
  • Hearing- Must be able to hear telephone, audible alarms, bells, and signals related to resident safety, with or without hearing
  • Speech/language- must have strong command of the English language sufficient to read and write and interpret medical and administrative
  • Bloodborne exposure category: High- vaccine offered. Exposure tasks include injections, direct resident care, and resident physical

Marina Isle is an equal opportunity employer. This means we do not discriminate in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, national origin, citizenship status, creed, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, political ideology, veteran status, or any category protected by federal, state or local laws. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to hiring, placement, promotion, termination, reduction in force, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training. We fully comply with our legal duty to provide reasonable accommodations to allow people with disabilities to apply for and perform their jobs. If you have a disability that would affect your ability to perform the essential functions of this job you must let us know prior to accepting the position and as soon as possible should a change occur.


This job description may be changed to include new responsibilities and tasks or change existing ones as Marina Isle Management deems necessary.

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