Respite Services at Marina Isle

At Marina Isle, we care for our local elderly in many capacities. Although our primary purpose is an assisted living facility for our full-time residents at our waterfront facility, we also offer respite services. To find out how we can help you and your loved one, contact us today.

Respite Services

Respite services are those that offer a break for full-time caregivers. At Marina Isle, we know that many families choose to care for their senior loved ones in their homes, rather than move them to an assisted living community. If your family is in the position to be able to do this, we support you wholeheartedly, but it is important to understand that all caregivers need a break — you are only human! Many caregivers, especially family members, feel guilty for taking time off or feel like seeking additional services that would make their senior family members feel like a burden, but we are here to tell you that just isn’t true!

Respite services are important not only for caregivers, but also for their  loved ones. It is true, no one can ever love your loved one the way that you do. However, social interaction and a change of scenery are beneficial to mental and physical health. If you are like most caregivers, you have a family at home, a job, and other things on your plate in addition to caring for your family member. Additionally, most family caregivers care for their  loved ones without compensation. At some point, you’ll need a break. The great thing about respite care services is you can use them as you need, for  several weeks or months.

Respite services allow you to have someone else take over your caregiving duties, temporarily, to care for your loved one in your absence. At Marina Isle, we include your loved one in with our activities and outings the same as if they were a full-time member of our assisted living community. Our visiting seniors love the social engagement and ability-appropriate outings, which can be just as much a reprieve for them as it is for you! All of our staff are trained and skilled to assist your loved. Contact us to see what we can do for you and your loved one.


Benefits of Respite Service

As we mentioned above, respite services are beneficial to both the caretaker and your loved one. Here are just a few of the benefits of using respite services.

Improves Mood and Reduces Social Isolation

Caring for another person is a full-time job, and one that most people do willingly and lovingly. However, this full-time task of focusing on the health and well-being of another person can detract from the needs of self. Respite services, whether used intermittently for just a few weeks at a time,  it offers both parties a change of scenery and a chance to interact with others. Taking some downtime can lighten the caretaker’s and the senior loved one’s mood, as well as offer some much needed social interaction with others.
At Marina Isle, we offer our respite guests the same activities and outings we do our full-time assisted living residents. From card games with other residents to ice cream socials in downtown Sanford, our residents get all the social interaction they need to boost their moods and prevent social isolation. Caretakers can rest easy knowing their loved one is well cared for in their absence.

Offers Assistance and Support

Using respite services offers the support and education that can help reinforce good habits and identify areas of weakness. Additionally, since respite services are offered by trained professionals, they can often identify subtle signs and symptoms of conditions that should be addressed before they escalate. Respite care staff can help caretakers feel like they have a support network and remind them that it takes a village to care for their loved ones.
At Marina Isle, we are happy to be your village. Whether you prefer respite services as needed or are interested in enrolling your loved one in our senior services, our staff are happy to offer your loved one the same great care we offer our full-time assisted living residents.

Prevents Caregiver Fatigue

As we have alluded to, being a full-time caregiver is a full-time job, one that can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Caregivers can become burnt out and empathy may begin to wane. This creates a bad situation for both the caregiver and their loved one they are caring for. Caregiver fatigue results in frustration delivered and even resentment of the loved one being cared for. To prevent this, it is important for caregivers to have some time to care for themselves and some downtime to replenish their empathy. Some signs of caregiver fatigue include:

  • Feeling resentful
  • Feeling tired or run down
  • Overreacting to minor irritants
  • Health concerns
  • Engaging in bad habits — smoking, drinking, not eating or overeating
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Changes in personal hygiene
  • Reduction in hobby participation
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless

Respite  services allow for caregivers to have the opportunity to recharge and care for themselves to reduce caregiver fatigue or burnout.

At Marina Isle, our respite services are flexible and we can work with you to create a schedule that works for you and your loved one. We consider caregivers our most valuable resources and important patients. Let us care for your loved one for a while so you can care for you.

To learn more about our respite care services, contact us today.