Welcome to Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living community! In addition to our full-time live-in assisted living services, we also offer additional senior services. We understand that a large majority of families would prefer to be the primary caretakers of their loved ones, but need some assistance from time to time. Contact us to schedule your services!

Our Senior services include:

  • Senior Day Programs
  • Respite Care Services


At Marina Isle, we care for local seniors in many capacities. While our primary purpose is to serve as an assisted living facility for our full-time residents, we also offer a senior day program and respite services. To find out how we can help you and your loved one, contact us today

Senior Day Care Center

If you have a loved one who needs full-time care, and you have a full-time job you may need someone to look after your loved during the day, or you are an active senior who wants to participate in more engaging activities, we’ve got something for everyone! Our goal is to give Sanford seniors a safe place to go during the day to remain active and interacting with other adults.
Our senior day program focuses on providing interaction with other seniors, engaging in active activities, exercise, and community outings in downtown Sanford. Our seniors are supervised in a safe environment throughout the day and their needs are tended to so that you can rest assured your loved one is cared for in your absence.

Respite Care Services

Respite care is temporary care for your loved one. For some families, respite care can be a few weeks or a few months, at our assisted living community so your family can go on their annual vacation. Some families and caretakers feel like they are abandoning their family members or letting them down by taking advantage of respite care services, but studies have shown it improves the quality of life for the senior and the caretaker, and can actually strengthen bonds.

Respite care is important for self-care for caregivers. Many caregivers are unpaid and dedicate their time and energy to taking care of their loved ones. While this is noble, this can lead to missing out on other aspects of life and can lead to compassion fatigue. Take advantage of respite services to take some time for yourself.

Respite care services offer professional care and social interaction for your loved one. At Marina Isle, we are passionate about elder care and plan our days to maximize active engagement for our seniors. We provide meals and snacks, activities, and outings to downtown Sanford. Your loved one will be glad they participated in our respite care services.

To learn more about our senior care services, contact us today.

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Senior care services, also known as eldercare or adult day care services, exist for a two-fold purpose. One, to allow seniors who are cared for by family members to get out and get some age-appropriate social interaction and participate in activities; and, two, to allow caregivers to work their regular full-time jobs or simply have some downtime to get chores or shopping done. Senior care services are important for providing balance in the home as well as offering a support network.

At Marina Isle, our senior care services focus on providing quality care while enriching lives and building strengths. Our waterfront assisted living facility is the perfect setting for seniors to be a part of our community. Our senior care services include:

Social activities.

Planned activities are developed to cater to participants’ abilities and health conditions, but include such things as arts and crafts, musical entertainment, mental stimulation games such as bingo, stretching or other gentle exercise, discussion groups, puzzles, holiday and birthday celebrations, and local outings in the Sanford area.


We provide our seniors with nutritious meals — including meals that accommodate special diets and restrictions — along with snacks.

Personal care.

Our caring and attentive staff will assist with the activities of daily living such as grooming, toileting, mobility, and feeding.

Other things we can help with include medical condition monitoring, medication administration, limited transportation, and family support.

Senior Outings

It is by no mistake that Marina Isle is located right on the majestic Sanford shoreline, just a short walk from downtown Sanford. This allows our staff to take our seniors on many more outings than other assisted living or senior care centers. Whether we head down the block for some ice cream, or we attend a community event, your loved one is sure to get out and enjoy some fresh air and take in the sights and sounds that the Florida coast has to offer. To learn more about our schedule of outings, contact our activities coordinator and schedule your loved one to be included.

For all of your senior care needs, contact us to get your loved one enrolled today!


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