Welcome to Marina Isle waterfront assisted living facility! Our individualized healthcare plans are tailored to deliver each of our residents the personalized level of care and assistance you need. We have licensed nurses and caretakers on-site at all times to tend to your healthcare needs. To see if we can meet all of your needs, contact our intake specialist today!

Our medical services include:

  • Certified and caring nurses on-site
  • Emergency call systems in each room
  • Transportation and assistance with doctor appointments
  • A rehab and therapy room
  • Pet therapy


Our goal at Marina Isle is to provide our residents with the best healthcare management available. With skilled medical staff available and compassionate caregivers, our residents’ health and well-being is our primary concern.

Together with your medical team, you, and your family, our interdisciplinary team creates individual care plans for our residents to ensure your medical needs are met. Our goal is to help you reach your goals and monitor chronic conditions to avoid declining health. Each resident gets the level of care and assistance they need.

We understand that quality healthcare is one of the most important aspects of aging, so we work hard to provide our residents with the customized care they need to continue living their best life.

Like all assisted living facilities, we are not a medical treatment facility, nor is our senior living care medical-based. We can offer preventive programs or recommendations to optimize your health and wellness.

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Like a caring friend, we are here for you. At Marina Isle Assisted Living Center, we are not a healthcare facility, but we can help with some of the healthcare needs of our residents. Some of the medical services we offer include medication assistance, medical care coordination, and medical maintenance. We have medical staff on duty around the clock to attend to basic medical needs and perform assessments to help you make decisions regarding follow-up or continuing care.

Medication Assistance

We understand that if you’ve made the move to an assisted living facility, it is because you may find daily tasks difficult. If you are on a variety of medications, keeping the schedule and dose straight may be difficult. We offer medication reminders and assistance. If you want, we can gather your medications and administer them to you, including crushing it cutting tablets to make it easier to take. Or, we can remind you when it is time to take your medication. Either way, one of our nurses can help you go over your medication list to better understand your medications and develop a plan for safely taking them.

Medical Care Coordination

Although we do not have medical providers onsite, our nurses and social workers can help coordinate your care. If you need medical services, we can help you find a provider that takes your insurance and coordinate transportation to your appointments. We can also help identify times that you may need care or services through physical assessments.

Medical Maintenance

If you come to us with a medical condition or you are diagnosed with a condition while you live at our luxury waterfront facility, we can help you manage it. Following your provider’s orders, we can ensure you are getting the care and services you need, even if we do not offer them in house. We offer routine use of durable medical equipment, mobility devices, and special equipment to allow you to be independent. We offer limited wound care services and can hold your room if you require a short hospital or skilled nursing stay.

If there is a medical emergency or you are injured, rest assured that there is medical staff on duty around the clock to address your needs. We offer palliative care, hospice, and respite care services to meet all of your needs. When you are here, you are safe at home. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facility and discover more about what we offer.

To learn more about our healthcare services, contact us today.


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